Video Upload and Content Sharing Policy

  1. Video Upload Waiting Period:

    When uploading videos to our platform, users are required to wait until the first video in their queue has been successfully converted to its maximum supported resolution. For instance, if a file supports up to 1080p, users must wait until that video is converted to 1080p before initiating a new upload.

  2. No Sharing of Source Code:

    Users are strictly prohibited from sharing or embedding the source code of any video hosted on our platform. Such actions are considered illegal. If you intend to embed your videos, please use the provided embed code available through our video players.

  3. Content Ownership and Legality:

    Users must only upload content that they own or have the legal right to distribute. Uploading illegal or copyrighted material without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

  4. Children's Safety:

    Content that puts children at risk is not allowed on our platform. We prioritize the safety of children and will take strict actions against any violations of this policy.

  5. Prohibition of Adult Content:

    Adult content is strictly prohibited on our platform. This includes explicit material, nudity, and any content that is not suitable for all audiences.

  6. DMCA Takedown Policy:

    In the event of a DMCA takedown request, we reserve the right to remove the infringing video, and the user's channel may be subject to suspension or banning.