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Established Titles Scam Fooled Coffeezilla...

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The Established Titles scam that many have claimed was "just a gag gift" fooled YouTube's top investigator into thinking they had a legal loophole where they actually were making you Lords and Ladies. If it can fool Coffeezilla than this was clearly very deceptive and the 'gag gift' claim no longer floats.

Coffeezilla Livestream Where He Talks About Established Titles: https://youtu.be/qWsbGIr6jhY?t=2774

Isaac Butterfield Established Titles Video + Interviews Me: https://youtu.be/UeRtqgHBleI

Madcatster Alleges Established Titles Doesn’t Own The Land: https://youtu.be/idm6Ds1eJDw

Japundit Visits The Kamikoto Knives ‘Office’: https://youtu.be/qmU_X-POgAg

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