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The Untold Truth of Napoleon Hill - History's Most Beloved Con-Man.

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Napoleon Hill is arguably the most influential business writer of the past century, he's almost single-handedly responsible for the core ideas behind the billion dollar self-help / business coaching community. He originated the idea of "masterminds", and his story, at first blush is the stuff of American legend. However under scrutiny, his convenient story looks more like the delusional ramblings of a Con-man.

Scott Novak - https://paleofuture.gizmodo.co....m/the-untold-story-o
lifetime of riches
wisdom of success
andrew carnegie's autobiography/gospel of wealth
Pointing the easy route to getrichquickland https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=qyQfAQAAMAAJ&pg=RA3-PA39&lpg=RA3-PA39&dq=pointing+the+easy+route+to+getrichquickland+motor+world&source=bl&ots=3gdxMpmFkR&sig=ACfU3U02YMSFZh1smbhVLNfTmtN5mrz44A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjD0o_31YruAhXymq0KHaPhDzcQ6AEwAnoECAIQAg#v=onepage&q=pointing%20the%20easy%20route%20to%20getrichquickland%20motor%20world&f=false
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this video is an opinion and in no way should be construed as statements of fact. scams, bad business opportunities, and fake gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different people. I think someone who promises $100K/month for an upfront fee of $2K is a scam. Others would call it a Napolean Hill pitch.

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