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Himalaya Gongo Hotel ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ต

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โ–  NEPAL, HIMALAYA: Ever since I'd ran into an Indian trekker coming back down along the Langtang river on my first day of this Himalayan excursion, I've had one thing on my mind: get to Tibet Guesthouse at Lama Hotel rest-stop and try their Gongo (or Roksi as it's called in Nepal).

I always like to sample locally made brews when I'm in a new country and according to this Indian who had just spent the previous night at Tibet Hotel, the owner there had made the best Gongo he'd ever had in his entire life.

In fact, and I quote: "He has brewed it to perfection!", he said.

That's why I set out from Bamboo Lodge so early in the morning without even eating anything other than a granola bar. I wanted to get to Tibet Guesthouse as soon as possible to start the day like any real man should: with a fresh shot of Gongo!

What I didn't expect though was to run into the coolest and nicest couple I met on my whole Himalayan trekking adventure. A couple that started the very first lodge at the Hotel Lama location over 40 years ago and are still running that same guesthouse today.

โ–  Now before you watch, or after for that matter, I'd like to comment on what you see in the very beginning here, which I actually fully understand given the hard times hotel and guesthouse operators face, but still rubs me the wrong way. As I'm walking into this area here called Lama hotel I already knew where I was going: Tibet Guesthouse.

Every-time I entered a cluster of guesthouses like this, the people who run the first hotels and restaurants will of course be outside trying their best get you to stop at theirs. In this case however I knew where I was going and clearly stated I was going to Tibet Guesthouse, although I didn't know exactly which building that was.

Instead of simply pointing it out for me, they answer evasively on all my questions and instead say something along the lines of why don't I stop at their hotel instead.

Normally I am fairly good and ignoring such people but in this case I was so obsessed with hunting for Gongo that they nearly got the better of me. Especially when I saw that big barrel of I almost set up shop there and as you can see for the next 5 minutes even after getting away, seriously pondered going back to eat at said hotel.

Luckily I came to my senses and both drank and ate at Tibet Guesthouse which was the original plan. My point is when someone already know where they're going I wish they'd simply say sure... that's the hotel you see 3 buildings down there on the right; enjoy!

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