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Frazier Kay Wants to Sue Me For Exposing SaveTheKids

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I just got told to delete my videos or face a lawsuit from Ex- Faze Kay.
SomeOrdinaryGamers just uploaded a bombshell collab with me here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SSzCoz_XNc&

I'll be posting the full cease and desist letter here:
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/coffeebreak_YT

SavetheKids is a crypto coin that was promoted by several "Faze" members, Ricegum and Sommer Ray. When it was uncovered to be a scam, people scattered and all claimed innocence. That's when SomeOrdinaryGamers, Coffeezilla and Barely Sociable began the project of uncovering what really happened. As time went on, the Faze guys involved would be suspended and Frazier Kay kicked.

This video is an opinion and in no way should be construed as statements of fact. Scams, bad business opportunities, and fake gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different people.

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