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Kia - Jeta Rrezik 3

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I'm not a Kia, I just talked with the flow kit, even though life is dangerous, I don't leave it.

Why don't you take away what you said? You're talking about Lek, I came without them. Part1 I challenge you every day. until now, my best friend, a traitor, I'm gone, you've left me alone, I'm not clear, Andren, the little one, declares my war, I'm not here, even when I'm crying, I don't come out, who's seen when the disaster is so great that it's coming to us nal. You are sold cheaply, you buy with me, my works, I have them without removing them, movies for my people, all the iron is black, you have a broken knee, I had a daughter, let's go on my way, don't bring me back to you, my son, love for me has caught you All the parents have had a car accident, I don't see myself or the road. Kneel on the mountain with you, this wound is an old man, who found the needle, breath, take your life, danger 3-eshi, I came back alive without reaching my goal, God, I took it, my scene is waiting for me, my steps are coming with me. I left it in three European countries and left it for you. I will not come back to you. I will tell you what I have in the story. Psychopaths do not play freely. I call them Thug Life. They also called Dajt Thuj KIA su nal. The only one, my mother, to whom I say thank you, don't despair, my father, because I have morals, I know that you cry, they tie me up and run away. nin that the son is delivered. But the rune for the cliché that I didn't raise for them, he also gave him his tongue, the only one who gave the world wealth to you, what do you know, son, G. Take this hip hop's life, who guarantees you, he said that you are I drink brandy, the event is real, I myself did not take it out, I took it out, I don't care, I don't drink until I die, there is no going back, I came back to you, wipe away my tears, wait or tell me that I am a trophy, I have never cheated on you since fimnis, memories don't die, you have the heart of KIS

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I'm not Kia, that's what I said to Kit Flow, even though life is a danger, I don't let it go.
little G, I'm sorry, Life is a piano, you are its pianist, so try to create a melody as beautiful as ours, Never fall prey to prejudices, you are yourself, do what your heart says, not what others think, I have you only live to live, so live it

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