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This Streamer Stole $500,000 From Fans | Asmongold Reacts to Exposé by Coffeezilla

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Asmongold watches “This Famous Livestreamer Stole $500,000 From His Fans”, an exposé by Coffeezilla who caught Ice Poseidon running off with $500,000 from the crypto project CXCOIN and confronted him. Asmongold, who was a notorious World of Warcraft loot scammer in the past, shares his true opinion on Paul Denino (Ice Poseidon) who launched CXCOIN and told everyone their money was safely “locked away” for the long-term. As it turns out, it was a big lie! Let’s hear Asmongold explain what this really means for everybody - especially THOSE OF YOU who didn’t get involved and haven’t had your money stolen.. this time. You are most vulnerable to the future charlatans and fake gurus who will most certainly try to take advantage of you.

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0:00 Ice Poseidon Steals $500,000 From Fans
4:16 Investigation Begins
9:49 Asmongold: I'll Never Scam Anyone Again...
19:03 ICE: I'm Different... You Can Trust Me
31:50 This Was a Long-Term Project
42:26 ICE: The Responsibility is on THEM
53:08 How To Perform A Scam, In Details
1:03:34 Does a Successful Scam Make You Successful?
1:13:13 What You Can Learn From This

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