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Decoding the Gurus interview with Coffeezilla on Gurus, Scams, & Legitimate Criticism

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As a Christmas surprise, we decided to release our unedited interview with YouTube's favourite investigator 'Coffeezilla' on Crypto Gurus, NFTs, financial scams, and how to be a responsible critic. The podcast version will be out in the New Year on the usual Decoding the Gurus feed.

DTG podcast

P.S. Hope you all appreciate the YouTube thumbnail! ๐Ÿ˜‰

00:00 Introduction
07:21 Issues of culpability
12:49 Guru Rhetorical Techniques
17:44 Elon Musk as a Guru
27:17 Systems vs Individuals
30:01 Exploitation, Cognitive Biases, and Impacts of Criticism
38:48 The Role of Complexity
42:29 Disenchantment with the System and Valid Criticisms
44:41 The Death of Expertise
54:58 Modern Online Ecosystems
59:38 The Appeal of the Amateur and Expertise Knowledge Transfer
01:05:01 Popular Science, Malcolm Gladwell and TED talk style explanations
01:06:59 Interpersonal Podcasts vs. Robust Interviews
01:10:13 Interviewing Sam Bankman Fried
01:15:35 Psychological Tricks and Matt Leaves
01:17:56 The Implications of the Replication Crisis and Institutional Failure
01:22:07 Establishment Shills vs. Revolutionary Thinkers
01:25:42 Bad Faith Criticism?
01:29:11 Guru's Response to Criticism
01:33:04 Podcasts, YouTube, and Online Cliques
01:37:27 Secular Gurus vs. Crypto Gurus: Profit and Exploitation
01:42:52 The Motivation of Influencers
01:45:52 Dealing with Legal Concerns?
01:50:35 The Value of Criticism
01:55:08 The Role of Regulation
02:02:23 Lex, Good Gurus, and Counterpoints
02:08:01 Content Brain
02:12:37 The Psychological Impact of Metrics
02:15:55 Outro

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