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How Hackers Spy on you from your own WiFi!

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Do you really trust everyone you give your WiFi password to? Because, once someone joins your WiFi, they can easily spy on you with very less effort.

DNS stands Domain Name Service. The job of DNS is to resolve a domain name (like twitter.com) into its corresponding IP address (like When you are trying to visit a website, you are initially sending a DNS query to a DNS server. This DNS server is configured at your WiFi router. Therefore, if hackers manage to take control of your router, they can change the DNS settings and configure their own DNS server here. By doing so, they can see all the DNS queries made from your network, hence see all the websites that you are visiting.

In this video, I show a demonstration on how threat actors are able to do this. I do this on my own home WiFi network which I own. If you want to try it out too, make sure to perform this experiment only on your own WiFi and not on someone else's without their consent.

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