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Social Media, Explained for Beginners with Tips, History, Learning, Resources


Learn about the various social media networks and what exactly they are.

0:00 Social Media
0:20 Social Media Network. Social Network.
1:04 Social Aspects + Media Aspects = Social Media Networks
2:22 The Top 20 Social Media Networks
3:12 Historical Timeline
4:20 Content
5:10 Facebook
5:33 Instagram
5:50 Twitter
6:00 YouTube
6:10 LinkedIn

This channel is dedicated to explaining complicated technology into simple terms that anyone can grasp. Learning about digital technology is important to the field of computer science, whether it is for the creative arts, coding or programming, data work, history, game development, web design, app building, and more. Whether it is tips, hints, tricks, or hacks, education of these topics is what it is all about, whether for beginners or for experts, it is digital technology, explained!


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