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13 Hours Hiking Up Himalaya Alone🇳🇵

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■ NEPAL, HIMALAYA: With Snickers, Chow Mein and Gongo aboard, I was ready to once again soldier up the Himalayan mountainside. But for how long? And to where? I had no real end goal in sight. If I found a nice lodge I'd simply set up shop for the night. If not, I'd just keep hiking up.

And hike I did as the hours flew by. As I kept climbing, the scenery kept changing fueling my thirst for further exploration. The spectacular Himalayan Lord of the Ringsesque forests, rivers, cliffs, wild deers and ruins of old abandoned settlements had me so intrigued, I wanted to see what's around the next corner, regardless of how much my legs told me they wanted no further part in this trek.

Already at 7:00AM, just two hours after leaving Bamboo Lodge, I had been so exhausted, thoughts of setting up shop at the first lodge possible had started creeping in. Somehow I had kept going. But now as the clock turned to 04:30PM, after nearly 12 hours of hiking uphill, fatigue started getting the better of me .....

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