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1.6kg Steak Challenge - Bistecca Alla Fiorentina 🇮🇹

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01:15 Raw T-bone Steak - Make Your Choice
03:58 Inside the refrigerator
06:18 Steak arrives!
11:55 Commence eating challenge!
20:20 The end is nigh
26:06 Florentine after steak ritual
29:45 My new favorite Italian liquor

■ ITALY, FLORENCE: Tuscany's capital is world famous for its Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. A type of beef that isn't necessarily slayed locally but instead derived from a special breed of bull and prepared in a specific manner which dates back to the middle ages. Traditionally they are served extremely rare!

As a huge connoisseur of beef, this was naturally something I had to try and film for you guys. I therefore started sampling various restaurants across Florence over two weeks ago in search of the finest T-bone cut in he city.

In all honesty I've yet to run into a bad steak anywhere in this city. But there is one restaurant I keep coming back to that offers the best value in terms of price and quality: Trattoria Dall'Oste. Hence why I choose this restaurant to showcase Florence's greatest dish.

So did I defeat the mighty 1.6kg T-bone steak put in front of me? And were I able to walk afterwards?

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