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Techlead Calls Out Coffeezilla, Ends His Own Career

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Techlead recently called out Coffeezilla, solidifying his role as one of the WORST YouTubers of ALL TIME, and officially ending his own career.


Link to the false information Techlead refers to as "hard facts" in writing, which he later retracted.

Matt Tran and Techlead blackmailed and doxxed me -

Song between chapters - Freakshow by Dirty Palm

0:00 Techlead is going to Jail

0:29 Who is Techlead?

3:51 WORST Youtube Video of ALL TIME

14:04 The WORST Youtuber ever (as a millionaire)

This video is an opinion and in no way should be construed as statements of fact. Scam is a subjective term that means something different to different people.

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