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Tibetan Village Himalaya 🇳🇵

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■ HIMALAYA, MUNDU: The village of Mundu, although situated in Nepal, is culturally, linguistically and architecturally Tibetan. The people who live here, although Nepalese by citizenship, are Tibetan by heritage, language and culture.

Their ancestors were nomadic and moved about in the Himalayan mountain range with their livestock looking for grazing fields and fertile soil. With the Chinese conquest of their lands, Nepal, unlike some other neighboring countries have magnanimously given them citizenship.

They describe themselves as both Tibetans and Nepalese though and speak both languages. They continue to be a mountain dwelling people at heart and whenever I asked anyone about moving to a warmer city where life is presumably easier, the answer was: NO!

Having been brought here by Kartok Lama, the woman who runs Hard Rock Cafe up here in these mountains you saw in my previous video, I was told I could spend the night to experience and get a unique insight into Tibetan village life in the Himalayas.

Naturally this was an opportunity I was obviously not going to miss....

■ If you wish to contact Kartok Lama and visit her Hard Rock Cafe in Himalaya's Langtang mountain range or her village, you can call her on: 984 988 1673 If you need a guide to take you up here, her sister's son can be reached on Instagram: go_himalaya

■ NEWS: One free rice beer on location in Mundu village for everyone who LIKES this video 🙏

■ NEW INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/TheNorthmanReturns

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