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The Favela Barbershop ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท

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โ–  BRAZIL, ROCINHA: I've experienced my fair share of wild places on this planet, but nothing, and I repeat N O T H I N G, comes even close to Rio De Janeiro's biggest favela; Rocinha. In fact, it is so wild, that making a video in my usual style, wandering around aimlessly with no clear goal other than just talking to strangers, is impossible. I am not going to elaborate further as to why (if I did, you guys simply wouldn't believe me anyway).

Thus, my only option to really convey anything about this intriguing favela and the people who live there to you guys, was to sit down for a hair-cut video. After walking around for a while with my friend Henry looking for a barber, we spotted a pretty cool hole in the wall type of place.

There was only one barber working there but plenty of customers waiting for a trim. It was clearly a popular shop!

After ensuring the people who control said street that I was actually there only to film myself getting a hair-cut, and that I loved weapons too (the Texas pork o'clock helicopter vid went down well and was hence instrumental in said endeavor), I was given permission to film the barber adventure.

A pretty entertaining half hour in the barbershop ensued.....

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